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Frequently Asked Questions

(dot) What are Neurometer® CPT devices and what is their background?

(dot) How does the Neurometer® compare to other nerve testing technologies/tests?

(dot) Are there any publications reporting on the Neurometer® sNCT/CPT procedure?

(dot) How is the sNCT/CPT procedure conducted?

(dot) How long does it take to perform the sNCT/CPT procedure?

(dot) What specific information does the Current perception Threshold (CPT) procedure provide?

(dot) How does the sNCT/CPT evaluation assist in clinical evaluations?

(dot) How does the sNCT/CPT exam compare to other neurodiagnostic procedures (sNCV, SSEP, EMG, MRI)?

(dot) What are the indications for performing the sNCT/CPT examination?

(dot) How much training is required to properly perform the procedure?

(dot) What type of training is required to evaluate CPT measures?

(dot) How is the test result (sNCT/CPT) data interpreted?

(dot) Is the sNCT/CPT exam an objective or subjective procedure?

(dot) What other types of procedures can Neurometer® sNCT/CPT devices perform?

(dot) Government, Insurance, Associations, Institutions and Legal Evaluations/Citations for the Neurometer® sNCT Electrodiagnostic Evaluation

(dot) What health insurance codes are commonly used by the Neurometer® CPT electrodiagnostic evaluation?

(dot) The Medi-Dx 7000, the Neural Scan and the Axon-II devices claim to perform a test like Neurometer® CPT devices. Is it true?

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