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Recent Publications (2010-2011, in progress)


(dot) Expanded Modes of Operation for the Neurometer CPT/C Device (2010)

(dot)Laboratory Animal Vocalization Testing and Demonstration Video (2010)
(dot)New diagnostic electrodes for Proximal & Mid-Urethra, Bladder, Vagina, Rectal, Oral and other Mucosal test sites
(dot)Stems cells improve diabetic neuropathy in rats!!!

(dot)Bibliography of Selected Neurometer CPT Related Publications Grouped by Topic and Specialty (Feb. 2010)

(dot)Lifetree Clinical Research Offers Human Experimental Pain Models for Clients (2009)

(dot)Research Award: SUFU Award 2009: Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology (SUFU). Neuroselective Electrostimulation of the Bladder Afferent Pathways Induces C-Fos Expression In The Regions Of The Spine Specific For Bladder Afferent C And A-Delta Fibers, Yasuhiro Yamada, MD, Cleveland Clinic


(dot)Chinese Neurotron, Inc. Web Site


(dot)fMRI Compatible Electrode Cables and fMRI Neurometer®Control Software


(dot)Time to Upgrade Your Neurometer?

   Join the leaders in the growing field of sensory nerve testing. If your practice is still using a manual Neurometer, this is also the perfect time to improve testing quality and efficiency with a new computerized Neurometer CPT/C. In addition to very generous trade-in discounts, there are plenty of reasons to move up to a computerized Neurometer, including these features:


        ●  Fully automated double-blind patient testing

        ●  Rapid ranged CPT evaluation

        ●  New percentile allodynia testing

        ●  External computer control program ideal for laboratory and animal research

        ●  Enhanced EMF protection


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