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What are Neurometer® CPT devices and what is their background?

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Neurometer® CPTs are electrodiagnostic devices which perform automated neuroselective sensory nerve conduction threshold (sNCT) evaluations by determining painless current perception threshold (CPT) levels. Using microprocessor controlled, neuroselective electrical stimuli, they quickly and painlessly quantify the conduction and functional integrity of the large and small myelinated and small unmyelinated sensory nerve fibers at any cutaneous site. CPT measures can detect and quantify early stage neuritis as well as peripheral sensory neuropathy.

Neurometer® CPT devices generate three different constant alternating current sinusoid waveform stimuli at 2000 Hz, 250 Hz and 5 Hz. Stimulus output intensities range from 0.01 to 9.99 mAmperes (mA). The constant current output assures highly reproducible measures which are unaffected by variables such as skin thickness, temperature or edema. The device's built in microprocessor is capable of performing both single-blind and fully automated double-blind examinations. Other device functions include an automated electrode cable and system integrity determination and a continuous monitoring of stimulus output parameters and battery charge levels with appropriate warning alarms and messages. A printer may be used in conjunction with the CPT/C device to permit direct paper recording of CPT evaluation data. Both the printer and the CPT unit are powered by the device's built in rechargeable battery.

Neurometer CPT® devices are currently being employed for non-investigational, clinical purposes at thousands of locations around the world, including clinical, research and industrial settings. Use of the neuroselective sNCT evaluation has been taught in accredited Continuing Medical Education courses by the American Academy of Neurology, the American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine and numerous other national and international professional medical associations and institutions since 1985.

Neurotron, Inc., founded in 1981 by Jefferson J. Katims, MD, in Baltimore, MD, USA designs and develops Neurometer electrodiagnostic devices. FDA registered in 1986, the Neurometer emerged from Dr. Katims' laboratory studies at McGill University, Montreal, PQ, Canada and clinical research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore.  Neurometer® technology has the unique distinction of being the worlds first neuroselective electrodiagnostic device. It was also the first commercially marketed clinical neuro-diagnostic device that included validated evaluation software that graded the clinical severity of detected abnormalities based on established normative values and generated a narrative report. In 2010, Neurometer® data is automatically transmitted to the evaluation program on a notebook computer. Neurometer® devices may be interfaced for direct control by fMRI or PET imaging control systems. Computer control permits audio and external trigger control and in vitro physiological studies. Applications of Neurometer® technology include more that 24 clinical specialties, as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and laboratory animal testing applications. More than one million painless Neurometer studies have been conducted with over 800 scientific peer-reviewed publications. These affirm that this automated electrodiagnostic procedure objectively and selectively quantifies the functioning of both unmyelinated and myelinated sensory nerve fibers at any cutaneous/mucosal/dental test site. The Neurometer has been useful in guiding the clinician to choose the most appropriate therapy and for monitoring and evaluating interventions.


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