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How is the test result (sNCT/CPT) data interpreted?

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The NEUVAL® CPT evaluation and database software, included with each CPT device, evaluates and stores a patient's CPT values and generates a report detailing the condition of the nerves tested. These evaluations are based upon comparisons with standardized ranges of healthy CPT values and ratios included in the software.  Both the CPT values and their ratios are considered when determining the degree of sensory nerve impairment and both contribute to the overall neurological diagnosis. The data analysis may include a determination of hyperesthetic and/or hypoesthetic conditions. Normative data is provided for more than thirty different test sites. All normative sNCT/CPT values employed are either published in peer reviewed journals or available for review. They are not confidential.  Most importantly, as with any neuro-diagnostic test, a clinician's interpretation including a clinical correlation is essential and necessary for diagnostic purposes.


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