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Sensory Nerve Conduction Threshold (SNCT®)
Current Perception Threshold (CPT®)
Pain Tolerance Threshold (PTT®)

(dot) Recent Publications

(dot) Research Publications Grouped by Topic/Specialty

(dot) Neuroselectivity, Hyperesthesia & Pain

(dot) Standardized CPT Determination Methodology

(dot) Normative Neuroselective Current Perception Threshold (CPT) Values

(dot) CPT: Test Site vs Stimulus Frequency)

(dot) Sensitivity, Specificity, Fiber Diameter Specificity of CPT Measures

(dot) Reliability, Coefficient of Variation of CPT Measures

(dot) Laboratory Animal Testing

(dot) Omitted, Statistically Invalid, and Fraudulent Publications

(dot) Neurometer® Comparison to Other Diagnostic Procedures

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