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(dot)Goldtrode Disposable Electrodes - These gold plated electrodes are specially constructed to deliver a distortion free stimulus with a consistent current density profile to assure reliable and repeatable results.

(dot)Goldtrode Electrode Gel - This gel is specially formulated electrically conductive gel provides consistent, reliable test results without irritating the skin.
(dot)Goldtrode Skin Prep Paste - This low abrasion paste hydrates and cleans the skin to minimize problems with Clipping. It is provided in a plastic syringe dispenser and cleans up with water.
(dot)Softape Tape Strips - Soft, non-irritating foam tape strips hold electrodes against the skin. Minimizes unintended sensory artifacts that can interfere with test procedure.
(dot)Urology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology Electrode Probes (for research applications)
(dot)Dispersion Electrodes
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