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Goldtrode® Disposable Electrodes

 Patient Care

Goldtrode® Disposable Electrodes provide a consistent, distortion free interface between the neuroselective electrical stimuli produced by Neurometer® CPT and the patient's skin. The 22k gold plated electrodes are paired together using a flexible Mylar® spreader that standardizes the distance between them. They are cupped to accommodate sufficient Goldtrode® electrode gel to maintain a consistent output current density assuring reliable, repeatable results. These are disposable electrodes designed for single-use only and should never be used between patients.

® Disposable Electrodes are packaged in quantities of 60, 300 and 600 pairs. Each package also contains sufficient Goldtrode ® Electrode Gel and Skin Prep Paste and SofTape® Tape Strips for performing the tests. The chart below lists the contents of each package.


Package: GT100-60 GT100-300 GT100-600
Electrode Pairs: 60 300 600
Gel (10 ml): 1 5 10
Prep Paste (5 ml): 1 - -
Prep Paste (10 ml): - 3 6
SofTape Strips: 70 350 700

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