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Neurotron, Inc. offers certification and training courses for clinicians prescribing and using Neurometer® CPT electrodiagnostic equipment and sNCT/CPT, R-CPT and PTT procedures. This one day class focuses on the clinical aspects of sensory nerve testing including neurophysiology, differential diagnosis and testing sites selection. Interpretation of test data as well as basic device and software operations are also taught. Actual case histories are used throughout the course and ample time reserved for questions and answers. Participants come away with a much fuller understanding of the neurodiagnostic capabilities of the equipment and procedure and how it can best be prescribed. Extensive course documentation and reference materials are included.

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the courses.  Authorized on-site training and certification courses are available upon request.


Clinical Certification Course Syllabus

  • Review sensory neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.

  • Review sensory neurodiagnostic techniques.

  • Overview of sNCT, R-CPT and PTT procedures and applications.

  • Review sensory neuropathy and use of the sNCT/CPT test to assist in the differential diagnosis.

  • The proper and most efficient techniques for performing the sNCT/CPT examination.

  • Procedural and patient factors that could affect sNCT/CPT measures.

  • Proper electrode placement at appropriate test sites.

  • Use of the Neuval® CPT analysis software to record and analyze measures.

  • Review of analysis software and normative database.

  • Interpretation of computer generated reports.

  • Written certification examination.

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