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Physiatrists have several uses for sNCT/CPT studies. The studies are used to evaluate suspected sensory impairments based on clinical examination findings and to assist in determining the most appropriate therapeutic intervention.  An initial sNCT evaluation of the patient is generally all that is required unless there is a suspected deterioration of the patient's sensory impairment based on clinical examination findings.  Typically the affected site and a control site is tested using the automated painless CPT evaluation.   These studies quantify the severity of sensory impairment(s) secondary to brain or spinal cord injuries, spinal cord, spinal nerve (radiculopathy), plexus or focal peripheral nerve lesion to determine the most appropriate therapeutic intervention.  sNCT/CPT studies are also utilized to evaluate protective sensation and other sensation in patients to assist in determination of appropriate activities of daily living.  Amputees may require testing of their stump prior to fitting a prosthesis in order to objectively assess protective sensation. 

Professional Feasibility Evaluation for the Neurometer sNCT electrodiagnostic procedure are available for download.  A selected bibliography of publications is also available.



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