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 Patients being treated for chronic pain are administered sNCT/CPT studies when neurologic sensory signs or symptoms require an objective quantitative evaluation for a diagnosis or assessment of therapy. Conditions studied may include spinal cord injuries, polyneuropathies, radiculopathies, focal or compressive nerve lesions. The differential diagnosis of sensory complaints resulting from another etiology, such as soft tissue injury, sprain or strain injury, vascular insufficiency, somatic referred pain or pain of psychogenic origin, must be considered when sNCT test CPT measures are within normal limits. sNCT test results within normal limits do not preclude the necessity for medical care, but are considered when establishing a basis for the differential diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan. The physician evaluating the patient with pain and allodynia who has normal sNCT/CPT evaluation findings may conduct a sNCT Pain Tolerance Threshold (PTT) or Percentile Allodynia Test to detect pathology in the sensory nervous system transmission of pain sensation.  See citations of related Neurometer publications.


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