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  Orthopedic surgeons utilize sNCT/CPT studies to assess sensory nerve functional integrity associated with injuries resulting in sensory dysfunction (e.g. radiculopathies and focal/compressive nerve injuries). The sNCT/CPT evaluation is conducted to determine the severity of clinically detected sensory impairments and assist in decisions regarding surgical intervention. A new sNCT/CPT evaluation is only necessary if new sensory impairments develop that require an objective quantitative neuroselective evaluation.  Related publications are cited on the web page Selected Neurometer® CPT Research Publications Grouped by Topic and Specialty.

Nishimura, A., Ogura, T., Hase, H., Makinodan, A., Hojo, T.; Katsumi, Y., Yagi, K., Kubo, T.  Evaluation of sensory function after median nerve decompression in carpal tunnel syndrome using the current perception threshold test.   Journal of Orthopedic Science Vol. 8:500-504, 2003.

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