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 Neurologists use the sNCT examination procedure to objectively evaluate sensory dysfunction associated with a variety of conditions, such as symmetric or asymmetric inherited and acquired sensory polyneuropathies, and to distinguish whether they are myelinopathies or axonopathies. sNCT evaluations are used to objectively evaluate a suspected sensory impairment and assess disease progression and the efficacy of therapeutic intervention. Follow-up evaluations are generally only required when: 1) There is a clinical question as to whether the patients sensory pathology is deteriorating or 2) There is a clinical question as to whether the patients sensory impairment is responding to therapeutic intervention after six weeks of therapy.

The sNCT examination procedure may be prescribed for neuroselective assessment and monitoring of CNS sensory function following cerebral vascular events and other types of CNS pathology (e.g. multiple sclerosis or spinal cord pathology that effects cutaneous sensory function). The sNCT evaluation is usually prescribed for the extremities - the affected extremity and a matched control extremity. The electrodiagnostic evaluation does not have to be repeated unless there is a clinical suspicion of a deterioration of the patient's sensory complaints which requires an objective quantitative neuroselective evaluation.

The sNCT examination procedure may also be used to confirm or evaluate a suspected radiculopathy or focal nerve lesion, such as a carpal tunnel syndrome and to determine the most appropriate therapeutic intervention. Normal sNCT evaluation results indicate that no further sNCT testing is necessary unless a change in the clinical condition suggesting sensory dysfunction warrants a repeat evaluation.

Neurology Professional Feasibility Evaluation for the Neurometer sNCT electrodiagnostic procedure are available for download.  A selected bibliography of publications is also available.

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