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How long does it take to perform the sNCT/CPT procedure?

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The average time needed to perform a fully automated  CPT evaluation (p<0.004) at any single site test site is approximately 8-10 minutes.  The ranged R-CPT measure is a faster faster measure, requiring approximately 2-3 minutes per site (p<0.05).  The R-CPT measure is site specific.  Presently, normative values exist to permit R-CPT measures to be obtained from 34 different body sites.  Each frequency dependent measure obtained provides a unique neurodiagnostic profile from each of the three major sub-populations of sensory nerve fibers comprising the typical sensory nerve. All other electrodiagnostic procedures measure only a single subpopulation of fibers - usually the large myelinated fibers which comprise approximately10% of a sensory nerve. A typical evaluation may involve testing 2 to 6 sites (1 to 3 sites bilaterally) making the total time for a test approximately 20 to 60 minutes.  Other measures that may be obtained such as Pain Tolerance Threshold (PTT) or allodynia evaluation typically require less than two minutes.

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