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The Computer Control & Automation Program enables the output parameters of specially modified CPT/C systems to be automated and controlled through an easy to use Windows® application. While the system has some clinical applications*, it is most widely used used for laboratory testing of animals with the CPT/C's non-injurious neuroselective stimuli used to evoke a response.

The software can program the CPT/C to present either a single stimulus or a series of stimuli of a specific duration for and between each stimulus. The number of stimulus repetitions can be set and the intensity of the output can be optionally incremented after each repetition. Testing profiles can be recorded for future use and a report for each completed test run can be optionally logged to disk and/or to a printer). An optional trigger signal can be generated to signal the beginning and end of a stimulus to allow synchronization various types of recording and monitoring equipment.

The package also includes both 16 bit and 32 bit device driver libraries that enable custom software to be written that can access the functions of the CPT/C unit. Documentation that includes source code examples is provided.

Item No.: CCTRL-1   Package: 1 Each



  • Neurometer® CPT/C unit series C11 with specially modified data interface board and PROM.
    (Note: The CPT/C printer will not operate with the software. All printouts are directed to the printer attached to the computer.)

  • Communications cable to interface between CPT/C system and serial port on computer.

  • Computer System

    • Operating system: Win 3.1, Win95, Win98 or WinXP

    • Minimum disk space: 1MB disk space

    • I/O port: Serial port (COM 1-4)

    • Printer: (optional - must be attached to computer)

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Program Functions

  • Start/Stop: Starts and stops the stimulation cycle.

  • Frequency: Selects frequency of the stimulus to be used for a test: 2000, 250 or 5 Hz.

  • Intensity:

    • Start: Sets the starting intensity of the stimulus for a test run.

    • Increment: Sets the amount by which the stimulus intensity is increased for each repetition of a test.

  • Duration:

    • On: Sets the length of time the stimulus will be presented. The minimum duration is 0.5 seconds and can be incremented in 0.1 second steps.

    • Off: Sets the length of time between repetitions of the stimulus. The minimum duration may be set to 0 seconds for a continuous ramping up of the stimulus, or to a minimum of 0.5 seconds with 0.1 second increments for discrete stimulations.

  • Repetitions: Sets the number of repetitions for a test run.

  • Enable External Trigger Output: When selected it causes the CPT/C to generate a signal when the stimulus starts and stops in order to trigger an action by a monitoring device.

  • Log Save/Print: Logs the details of each test run to a disk and/or to a printer attached to the computer. The following is a sample log file:

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Neurometer(R) CPT/C
Serial Number: C119907135
Profile Name: Wh. Rat Eval #07

Monday April 17, 2009 02:20:02 PM

Notes: Test Batch #A-1473-C

Intensity: 5
Duration On: .8
Duration Off: .8
Repetitions: 198
Increment: 5
Ending Intensity: 255

Intensity: 5
Duration On: 1.5
Duration Off: 1.0
Repetitions: 200
Increment: 1
Ending Intensity: 121

Intensity: 1
Duration On: 1.8
Duration Off: 1.2
Repetitions: 200
Increment: .5
Ending Intensity: 41.5

  • Notes: A brief note can be appended to each test log entry.

  • Stimulus On/Off: Indicators change colors to show when stimulus is being generated.

  • Clipping: Indicator changes color when clipping occurs in the stimulation circuit due to excessive impedance or poor electrode contact.

  • Battery: Displays the level of the charge of the CPT/C's internal battery.

  • Display Log: Allows a previously recorded log file to be displayed.

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The NEUROTRN.DLL is a device driver for the specially modified CPT/C devices. The programming interface for the DLL is fully documented to allow programs to be written to control the basic CPT/C functions. Both 16 bit and 32 bit versions are provided. The source code for the Control Program application is also included to assist in the creation of custom applications. The DLL allows control of the following device functions:

  • Select the stimulus frequency (5, 250, 2000 Hz.)

  • Set the intensity of the stimulus

  • Read the Battery Level

  • Control the CPT/C unit beeper

  • Write to the CPT/C unit LCD display

  • Control the CPT/C unit and Remote Box LEDs

  • Monitor the CPT/C unit switches

  • Toggle between Remote Module use and Trigger Output.

* NOTE: This software is intended for laboratory use and does not perform any clinical evaluation of the data collected.
The Neuval® Clinical Evaluation Software may be used to evaluate clinical sNCT/CPT data from human subjects.

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