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Chiropractors use the sNCT/CPT evaluation to assist in the differential diagnosis and quantitative evaluation of conditions resulting in sensory dysfunction. Chiropractic patients may be administered the sNCT/CPT evaluation when sensory neurologic signs or symptoms are detected which require an objective quantitative evaluation for differential diagnostic and or assessment purposes. Results of the sNCT/CPT evaluation by be used to assist in establishing a treatment protocol or if a referral is indicated. The absence of abnormal measures indicates that no further testing is needed.  The sNCT/CPT evaluation may be repeated to establish the outcome of therapeutic intervention and to determine maximum medical improvement. If a clinical evaluation is equivocal in determining the efficacy of therapeutic intervention with respect to the sensory symptomatology, a repeat examination may be conducted following four to six weeks of therapy. An extenuating circumstance, such as an exacerbation of an existing condition or the development of new sensory neurological impairments, may warrant a repeat sNCT/CPT evaluation.  See related publications.Diagnostic Applications Neurometer CPT electrodiagnostic sensory nerve conduction threshold (sNCT) testing equipment



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