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Neurometer® Evaluation of Cervical Radiculopathy

 Patient Care

CPT measures quantitate the severity of a radiculopathy. This type of diagnostic evaluation is conducted along a dermatomal distribution. Further confirmation of a radiculopathic sensory impairment would include more proximal testing in the same dermatomes. Abnormal CPT measures caused by radiculopathy, meylopathy or conditions such as syringomyelia will be confined to a dermatomal and neuroselective distribution.  There are numerous Neurometer publications describing radiculopathy and whiplash associated sensory impairments.

Cervical Radiculopathy Utilization Guidelines

Radiculopathic sensory impairments are evaluated by testing two different nerves within the same dermatome or testing the same nerve in two different dermatomes. Unless a distal polyneuropathy is suspected, proximal testing within the same dermatome distribution is unnecessary. When proximal testing conducted on the same nerve additional billing is inappropriate.  Upper extremity cervical radiculopathy is diagnosed through bilateral sNCT evaluations at sites including the following distal finger/dermatome test sites: thumb (C6), index finger (C7), and the little finger (C8).

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