Neurometer Diagnostic Technology

Neurotron, Incorporated

   Innovative Medical Technology

                 Established 1981

Neurotron, Inc. and Distributor Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters

  Neurotron Incorporated
  6637 Charlesway
  Towson, MD 21204
  Phone: 877-831-0191 (Toll free inside USA)
  Phone: 303-557-6152
  Fax: 303-557-6152
  Email: support* (Replace * with @)

Distributors Providing Local Sales and Support

(dot) ChinaFlag    P.R. China - Beijing Terram Ltd.

(dot) JapanFlag    Japan - Finggal Link

(dot) SwissFlag    Switzerland - Parimed Medical Products

(dot) Korea-Flag    Korea - Dalim Bio Tech Co. Ltd.

(dot) UAE-Flag    Benelux - Vandelanotte Consulting

(dot) UAE-Flag    UAE - Future Medix

(dot) Kuwait-flag    Kuwait - M/S. Rgon TC

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